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Pretty sure…

4 Feb

I’m pretty certain that no one even knows this blog exists.  If that’s true…then I guess it’s somewhat of a diary.

However, in this day and age, any breathing person is aware that anything posted anywhere on the internets is in no way private and/or secure, not in the way that a diary is.

Still…it’s an outlet.  Someplace to come and peck away at some form of self-expression…some form of intimate communication.  How sad.  After this amount of life-time, this vast number of experiences…I sit in a hotel room with a cardboard container of Cherry Garcia, with no sentient being to talk to and share thoughts with…discuss current events.  If there’s something more lonely, I don’t know of it.

Yet another one of life’s disappointments.



3 Feb

Dumbest question of all.

“Because”…dumbest answer of all.